Kou Tea Weight Loss

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Do you find your “pot belly” embarrassing? Do you fret over your “love handles”? Does your weight “over weights” your desires to roam about healthy and freely? Are you fed up of following strict diet plans and rigorous exercises and still nothing seems to be working for you? In case your answer is a “yes” it is really distressing but it will no longer be the same story for there is Kou Tea, a super-blend of four natural Weight Loss Formulations.

Lose Weight with Kou Tea

Why Kou Tea Weight Loss?Koutea Contains

Simply stating, Kou Tea is the Best Tea for Weight Loss. Kou Tea is a powerful blend of four different ingredients namely, Green Tea, White Tea, Oolong Tea and Pu Erh Tea. The Kou Tea Ingredients have their distinct characteristics, distinct health benefits and together they form a really potent formulation for Weight Loss.

Kou Tea Ingredients

  • It is rich source of minerals such as Magnesium, Calcium, Copper, Potassium, Phosphorus and Manganese.
  • Contains Vitamins A, B1, C, E, K, P and Folic Acid.
  • Contains detoxifying alkaloids that include Theine, Theobromine and Theophyline and super charged amino acid Theanine.

Kou Tea for Weight Loss

Benefits of Kou Tea Weight Loss

  • Kou Tea burns your excess calories fasters and thus keeps your weight in check. It is super weight loss formulation comprising of four super teas.
  • As per the findings of Suntory Research Center located in Osaka, Japan, Oolong Tea present in Kou Tea lowers insulin spikes that result due to carbohydrate intake.
  • Ingredients in Kou Tea relieve stress and make you feel fresh and energetic, all round the day.
  • Amino acid L-theanine present in Kou Tea stimulates production of production of the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin thus calming your mind and body.
  • Kou Tea slows down the process of ageing by hydrating the cells. This is a finding backed by research work done by Dr. Kenichi Yanagimoto in 2004.
  • Kou Tea also strengthens your immunity system, prevents tooth decay and inhibits plaque growth.

So, bid farewell to your diet charts and long, painful hours of exercising. Enjoy the sips of Best Kou Tea and lose weight with ease. Now, whoever says, weight loss is a challenge needs to think twice!


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